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Meet the Innovators: MyelinS

2019 NASA iTech Cycle II Finalist:
MyelinS of Munich, Germany

Cutting-edge software technology that allows communication and collaboration between robots and humans in space.

What is your technology?
We are presenting an intelligent software layer that will empower space exploration robots with artificial intelligence and autonomy. We also give humanoid robots a sense of touch–including texture, stiffness and friction. Our hardware-independent innovation uses methods initially developed to restore sensory feedback in amputees. These technologies will allow faster and better interaction and communication between astronauts and robots in complex space exploration missions.

What should people know about your team?
If we had to describe our team culture in five words, we would say: talented, driven, dedicated, curious, ambitious, and more importantly, empathetic. The team chose Munich for MyelinS’ headquarters as most of us live in Munich, and because of our strong connections to the German Aerospace Center and the Technical University of Munich. One personal story that might be a surprise is the co-founders of the team, Zied Tayeb and Samaher Garbaya, fell in love when working on this innovation and are now a couple.

What do you look forward to most about the NASA iTech forum?
We are looking forward to meeting interesting people who would like to join our team as co-founders or investors, hearing more about the other innovative startup ideas and learning more about possible opportunities in the U.S.

This information was provided by MyelinS. NASA iTech is a year-long effort to find innovative ideas that could address challenges facing space exploration. Ten competition finalists will present their ideas Oct. 7-8, 2019, at a NASA iTech forum in Las Cruces, New Mexico. At the culmination of the forum, three winning teams will be selected and recognized during a non-monetary awards ceremony.

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