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Meet the Innovators: OXOS Medical Inc.

2019 NASA iTech Cycle II Finalist:
OXOS Medical Inc. of Atlanta

A digital, handheld X-ray and fluoroscopy imaging device that runs on standard power, minimizes radiation exposure and is easy to operate.

What is your technology?
Current orthopedic imaging devices are slow, cumbersome and dangerous. They expose operators to 10 times the necessary dose of radiation and increase procedure time by 20%. Storage and radiation shielding requirements make them impractical in many scenarios. For space applications, weight and radiation exposure are critical. Our handheld X-ray device addresses all of these issues in a six-pound package. Our goal is to shift the standard of orthopedic intervention by bringing X-ray to the point of care.

What should people know about your team?
OXOS Medical is an engineering-driven organization. People generally are impressed with how far the team has come with an extraordinarily complex device given our tight timeframe, funding and size.

What do you look forward to most about the NASA iTech forum?
Learning more about how we can build our device to meet the standards of airworthiness and spaceflight will undoubtedly make our products better everywhere. Our team is also looking forward to meeting the other finalists and learning from them. High technology sectors, especially for challenging environments, are extremely difficult.

This information was provided by OXOS Medical Inc. NASA iTech is a year-long effort to find innovative ideas that could address challenges facing space exploration. Ten competition finalists will present their ideas Oct. 7-8, 2019, at a NASA iTech forum in Las Cruces, New Mexico. At the culmination of the forum, three winning teams will be selected and recognized during a non-monetary awards ceremony.

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