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United Aircraft Technologies Takes Top Spot at NASA iTech Ignite the Night Aeronautics

NASA center chief technologists have selected United Aircraft Technologies Inc. (UAT) of Troy, New York, as the winner of NASA iTech’s virtual Ignite the Night Aeronautics event held April 13, 2021. The event brought together 10 companies from across the U.S. to showcase advanced aeronautics innovations.UAT outlined a network of smart, interconnecting clamps with embedded sensors to map, monitor, and diagnose faults in the electrical system of air and space vehicles. The data produced can help predict and solve electrical issues that are substantial contributors to both maintenance costs and vehicle down-time.Their technology will be evaluated further by NASA iTech and has a chance to be selected as a top 10 finalist to present at the 2021 Cycle I Forum, which will be held virtually May 27, 2021.

More details, including a recorded video of the event are at: https://www.nasaitech.org/itn-aeronautics-2021

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