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Meet the Innovators: Nanobionic USA Inc.

2019 NASA iTech Cycle II Finalist:
Nanobionic USA Inc. of New York, New York

A fabric that stimulates local blood flow, temporarily improves endurance, muscle strength and reduces fatigue.

What is your technology?
Nanobionic technology offers an array of health and wellness benefits that address stress and fatigue. Our technology reflects far-infrared rays that can be absorbed by the body, boasting many benefits, including increasing local blood flow, improving athletic performance and promoting more restful sleep. The technology could also benefit astronauts in microgravity, where reduced blood flow is problematic.

What should people know about your team?
Nanobionic has been a family business since its inception. From the start, we’ve always had the potential applications for astronauts and NASA in mind. We have been working on Nanobionic technology for the last 10 years and have devoted our lives to bring this technology to this level. Also, being based in New York City and Greece has given us unique opportunities as well as flexibility and greater vision.

What do you look forward to most about the NASA iTech forum?
We are very honored, excited and humbled to be among the top 10 finalists. We look forward to meeting, interacting and being inspired by like-minded individuals.

This information was provided by Nanobionic USA Inc. NASA iTech is a year-long effort to find innovative ideas that could address challenges facing space exploration. Ten competition finalists will present their ideas Oct. 7-8, 2019, at a NASA iTech forum in Las Cruces, New Mexico. At the culmination of the forum, three winning teams will be selected and recognized during a non-monetary awards ceremony.

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