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NASA iTech Finalists Announced, 10 Companies Invited to Present in New Mexico

NASA has selected 10 competition finalists to present their ideas Oct. 7-8 at the NASA iTech Forum in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Chief technologists from various NASA centers and industry will listen to the presentations and meet with participants. NASA judges will then choose three winners of the 2019 NASA iTech Cycle II competition.

Ideas submitted to this NASA iTech Cycle relate to four main technology areas, including energy storage density, power-efficient technologies, medical breakthroughs, as well as radiation protection, mitigation and hardware. A fifth area, referred to as X-factor innovations, includes technologies that might not fit under the other topics but could significantly impact space exploration.

In alphabetical order, the 2019 NASA iTech Cycle II top 10 finalists are:

Alertgy – Melbourne, Florida
A wearable, continuous blood glucose monitor that provides accurate measurements without invasive probes or sensors.

Everix Inc. – Orlando

Ultra-thin, flexible and shatter-free optical filters for use in wearable and disposable point-of-care devices.

H-Trap One LLC – Las Cruces, New Mexico
An innovative coating that enables safe, novel and low-cost solutions to protect hydrogen pipeline infrastructure.

HE3DA USA Inc. – Reno, Nevada
Innovative energy storage for planetary surface power applications that reduces dependence on ancillary systems.

MyelinS – Munich, Germany
Cutting-edge software technology that allows communication and collaboration between robots in space and humans in space.

Nanobionic USA Inc. – New York, New York
A fabric that temporarily improves endurance, muscle strength and reduces fatigue.

OXOS Medical Inc. – Atlanta
A digital, hand-held X-ray and fluoroscopy imaging device that runs on standard power, minimizes radiation exposure and is easy to operate.

PolyMaterials App LLC – Tampa, Florida
Innovative supercapacitors – a type of energy storage device – designed for applications ranging from consumer electronics to hybrid motor vehicles, power grids, and large appliances as well as power devices for space exploration.

Space Industries Pty Ltd. – Rivervale, Australia
A lunar mining vehicle to produce and return Helium-3 to Earth. The byproduct, water, could be used in-situ on the Moon for fuel, among other things.

SurgePower Materials Inc. – San Marcos, Texas
A prototype demonstrating a new method to cost-effectively manufacture graphene from the cassava crop. This could facilitate the adoption of graphene in advanced technology areas such as composites.

These 10 finalists are invited to present their ideas to NASA, space industry leaders and potential investors at the 2019 NASA iTech Cycle II Forum in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Oct. 7-8, 2019. Registration to attend the event is open.

Three winning teams will be selected and recognized during a non-monetary awards ceremony at the culmination of the forum. They will receive continued mentorship to help further develop the technologies for the commercial market.

Clare Skelly
Headquarters, Washington