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  • Autonomous Systems for Aeronautics

    NASA seeks Autonomous Systems that provide enabling capabilities for Air Traffic Management, Communications, and collaborative drones. Technologies of interest include but are not limited to improvements in human/machine interfaces and decision making, hyperlocal weather forecasting and routing response for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Artificial Intelligence Technologies, and robust detect and avoid solutions. Responses to this category may apply to either traditional airspace operations or to emerging airspace domains such as AAM and UAS.

    Community Integration of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

    NASA is interested in stimulating markets that will allow for effective adoption of Advanced Air Mobility within municipalities. Enabling capabilities including but are not limited to industry sponsored Weather Data Infrastructure Testbeds that would benefit AAM, Urban Planning Simulators incorporating AAM and multimodal architectures that support Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) efforts and Multimodal Information Management System (MIMS) that includes AAM as one element of a Smart City transportation data management system. A viable path to municipal adoption or utilization is a key element of evaluation.


    More information on sensing equipment, data delivery or upgrades to existing weather sensing networks can be found at https://www.nctcog.org/ep/casawx or https://climate.ncsu.edu/econet. More information on Metropolitan Planning Organizations can be found at https://www.transit.dot.gov/regulations-and-guidance/transportation-planning/metropolitan-planning-organization-mpo.

    Electric Aircraft

    NASA seeks technologies that enable the future of electrified aircraft. Needs in this area include but are not limited to game changing solutions in power density (both storage and motors), thermal management, controls, and Power Management and Distribution (PMAD) relevant to multiple vehicle platforms including electric and hybrid electric passenger aircraft, UAS, and RVLT.

    Enabling Technologies for Handling and Ride Quality in Urban Air Mobility Vehicles

    NASA seeks to stimulate the market for Urban Air Mobility by actively addressing the passenger experience through handling and ride quality. Solutions of interest include but are not limited to: flight dynamics and cabin environment models​, enabling technologies for human-in-the-loop handling-quality and ride-quality testing, empirical evaluation of handling quality and ride quality via human-in-the loop testing and analytic modeling, and vehicle technologies to ensure acceptable handling and ride quality.

    X-Factor Aeronautics

    NASA is not aware of all of the technologies that could potentially provide game-changing capability in aeronautics. If you believe that you have an aeronautics relevant technology that NASA is currently unaware of that will dramatically enhance NASA capabilities, strategic objectives, or stimulate NASA-relevant commercial aeronautics markets, then this is the category for you.

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