• Focus Areas: Ignite the Night TAMPA 2021

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    Power Generation/Energy

    NASA seeks advancements in power generation and storage capabilities, including breakthroughs in transfer management and conversion, to drastically improve safety and energy density while reducing mass for air and space systems.

    Resource Optimization

    Despite the comparative abundance of resources here on Earth, scarcity and sustainability continue to increase the importance of managing our waste streams. The scarcity of the resources we bring on space missions and those available at our destinations makes resource optimization and waste stream management even more crucial in space missions. In space, reducing, reusing, and recycling are matters of necessity. NASA seeks resource optimization solutions including but not limited to food and water technologies (production storage, waste management), sanitation, and personal hygiene that reduce the resources required for astronauts to live comfortably on long-duration missions.

    Small Satellite Technology

    NASA is looking to reduce the infant mortality rates of small spacecraft and extend their operating life, thereby enhancing their usability and prevalence in NASA missions and commercial markets. Capabilities that would enable the rapid, cost-effective, and agile development of reliable small spacecraft include but are not limited to, radiation tolerance, affordable automated manufacture/assembly/test in clean environments, and space compatible materials and COTS components.

    Space-Age Packaging Solutions

    Innovation in packaging solutions allows for efficiencies in volume, mass, sustainability, reuse, repurpose, handling, and automation. Terrestrial Logistics innovations allow industry to ship more and waste less. Earth- based efficiencies are critical to enable cost- effective deep space transportation, where environmental challenges are magnified. On long- duration space missions, logistical innovations will enable more effective and sustainable exploration.

    X-Factor Innovations

    NASA is not aware of all of the technologies that could potentially provide game-changing capability. If you believe that you have something that NASA is currently unaware of that will dramatically enhance NASA capabilities or, missions, or stimulate NASA-relevant commercial markets, then this is the category for you.

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